Associate of the International Federation of Adjusting Associations - AIFAA

To become an AIFAA, the requirements are:
  • Over 3 years experience 
  • Qualified to the level that would allow you to commence examinations or assessment within your own Institute or Association. This qualification should be the equivalent for example to a first degree from a university or the Cert CILA qualification of CILA the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (UK and Ireland).
All Fellows and Associates are required to adhere to the IFAA Code of Conduct.

The AIFAA allows the upcoming Adjusters of today to achieve recognition from leading bodies and representatives. This professional, regional and expert support will provide access to a network of Adjusters, companies, case studies, academic tools and allow their voices to be heard.

Apply to become an AIFAA for £15 a year - Download the form here


As a Fellow of the IFAA you receive many professional benefits some of which are listed below:

- Entitled to use designation AIFAA
- Associate Certificate
- Discounted rates to the IFAA Educational Conferences